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Healthy living is a goal for many of us.  We are here to help you achieve your goals for your family, community, and environment.

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Our Product Selection Criteria

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Organic/Fewer Chemicals

We strive to provide products without synthetic chemicals. This is important for the healthy living of consumers, farmworkers, and the soil.

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Less Plastic

Micro-plastics enter our waterways, soil, and food chain. We want to move beyond recycling and let producers know that we support alternatives to plastic. See more on our Terracycle page.

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Locally Sourced

Sourcing products from Ohio and surrounding states reduces our carbon footprint. It lowers fuel use and costs. Shopping local also helps to keep the economic base of our community strong.

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We look for products with wholesome, natural ingredients. This supports health for our families, pets, livestock, crops, and environment.

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Mission Focused

We are drawn to producers who use their gifts and talents to “Dew Good” in their own communities. We support companies who give back. Please see more about this on our 'Dew Good' page:

We Take Care of Your Home & Your Farm - Small or Large.

We want the best for your family and your farm. Heaven’s Dew searches for the best feed for your livestock, food for your pets, and personal care and household products for you and your loved ones. We provide healthy living items without the harsh chemicals and fragrances found in commercial products. We seek out vendors whose purpose matches ours: To care for God’s creation by supplying products that maintain, nourish and develop healthy ecosystems, animals and households.

Just a Bit About Our Products for Healthy Living:

Everything you need for a healthy home

without toxic ingredients –

Here are a few of our products!

Personal Care

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Products for Mamas & Babies

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Cleaning & Household Care
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Household Productsgreen striped paper sandwich bag with corn chips in it on a grey tile picnic table

Home Scents and Gifts glass spray bottle laying on cream cloth with green plants around it

Essential Oils and Accessoriessmall brown glass bottles of essential oils with colorful labels on wood flower and cube diffusers

Specialty Foods/Beverages large mason jar of iced tea, glass of iced tea with ice cubes, box of tea in front of base of bright pink flowers

Children’s Products crayons with yellow and white wrappers piled on top of each other

Pet Products

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Yard & Garden Supplies bag of flower fertilizer in front of metal tub of flowers

Agricultural products for farms of all sizes and types:

Organic and non-GMO Livestock Feed

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    • Fertilizers and Soil Amendments to develop the healthiest soil that will improve the health of crops and the animals and people who consume them
    • AgroThrive liquid fertilizer – OMRI Certified

Store Hours:

Sunday & Monday:  Closed

Tuesday – Friday: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Saturday:  10:00 am – 4:00 pm


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