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5 rows of tea drops of different shapes and colors

Dew Good with Tea Drops

Dew Good with Tea Drops Our newest Dew Good vendor is Tea Drops!  This company is based in California and comes in with 4 out of 5 dewdrops from our Heaven’s Dew Product Choosing Criteria.  Those 4 include: Natural/Holistic, Organic/Few Chemicals, Reduced Plastic Mission-Focused Here is their mission quoted from their website:  We create magical

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bars of swirled black and white soap

Dew Good with Rock Creek Soaps

Heaven’s Dew Agriculture and Healthy Home is  happy to introduce Rock Creek Soaps, our newest Dew Good featured company! What do they Dew Good? Rock Creek Soaps for Her Program is an extension of their partnership with Her Campaign, a non-profit organization and safe home for survivors of trafficking and abuse. They have crafted a

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GOOD wITH Plant Therapy, based in Twin Falls, Idaho, produces essential oils and essential oil products.  Their goal is “to have the greatest possible impact on the most people.”  That is why they created “Planting Kindness,” a philanthropy program committed to making the world a better place. ORGANIZATIONS TO WHICH they HAVE DONATED $1000 OR