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Plant Therapy, based in Twin Falls, Idaho, produces essential oils and essential oil products.  Their goal is “to have the greatest possible impact on the most people.”  That is why they created “Planting Kindness,” a philanthropy program committed to making the world a better place.


 $5,000 or more: Boys & Girls Club, Make-A-Wish, Africa Heartwood Project, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Impact Your World (Hurricane Laura Relief), Operation Underground Railroad, Twin Falls School District Education Foundation, NAACP LDF, Loveland Foundation, Campaign Zero.  $2,500 or more:  Australian Red Cross (wildfires), Twin Fall Optimist Foundation, National MS Society, Volunteers Against Violence, Rocstocker FC, Various Go Fund Me Campaigns.  $1,000 or more:  Fayetteville Guard, The United Way of South Central Idaho – Leadercast Women 2020, Rock Creek Food Pantry, Because Kids Grieve, Twin Falls Senior Citizen’s Foundation, Mustard Seed Ministries, Lee Family Broadcast, Pillar Fall Elementary, Twin Falls High School, Product Donations (hand sanitizer and care baskets) to hospitals.

Additionally Plant Therapy will match donations of any Plant Therapy employee up to $2000 each year.


Our Story

At Plant Therapy, our goal is to have the greatest possible impact on as many people as possible. Because of you, our amazing customers, we are blessed to be in a position to share our values with not just you, but our employees and the community we love.

We continually strive to be a people-first company, which operates with absolute integrity and transparency. We never assume we’re a “good enough” company, instead we watch for ways to grow, keeping flexibility in the front of our minds.

We remain devoted to being a company you can trust, that values our customers, and you.

We maintain our flexibility at all times.

Throughout everything, it is important we as a company remain flexible. After all, life has some tendency to throw curveballs. So we’re committed to rolling with the punches without sacrificing quality or integrity.

Flexibility as a company means taking issues on directly when they occur. It means finding ways to solve problems before they occur, of seeing setbacks as challenges and opportunities to grow.

We work to have nothing but positive customer interactions! Our employees always work for frictionless transactions that show how much we care and make our customers say “wow!”

We enjoy the journey!

Life is a journey and its one we are committed to making enjoyable for our customers and our employees.

Employees must have a physically and emotionally safe and secure environment where their talents are recognized and appreciated. We as a company work to hire people who not only meet our high standards of authenticity but also love Plant Therapy! We love people who love Plant Therapy as much as the owners themselves. As we grow, we want both our employees and our customers to be invested in having fun along the way.

We have a can-do attitude.

Life has a way of throwing curveballs. And sometimes it’s easier to say it can’t be done and call it good. But at Plant Therapy, we take a can-do approach to everything we do, whether it’s helping our customers or creating a fun new product. And because of that, we’re able to accomplish more than we ever thought possible.

We keep an attitude of continuous improvement.

Finally, it is important that we continue to look for ways we can improve our company, our products, and our service. We welcome feedback from both our employees and customers, always with an attitude of competing with ourselves. We don’t want to “beat” anyone else, we want to be better than we were yesterday!


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Free from GMOs and harmful pesticides, all of our organic products are certified through ECOCERT ICO. Feel confident knowing that your organic purchase is helping to conserve our precious natural resources and reducing environmental pollution.

The Organic Difference

Plant Therapy is proud to offer organic products certified through ECOCERT ICO, an inspection and certification organization fully accredited through The National Organic Program (NOP).

What does all of this mean to you, our customer? The next time you order a bottle of your favorite essential oil that holds the USDA certified organic seal, you can feel confident in knowing that your purchase is helping to conserve our precious natural resources and reducing environmental pollution.

At Plant Therapy, we have always believed in exceptional quality and the purest of ingredients. From the start, we have made sure that we know everything about the farmers, distillers, suppliers and plants. By having this additional certification, we can also proudly say that we are adhering to the strictest of standards to bring you quality organic ingredients.

Some of these standards include:

  • No GMOs: Genetically Modified Organisms are prohibited in organic products. This means that an organic farmer can’t plant GMO seeds and an organic producer can’t use any ingredients containing GMOs.
  • Clean soil: The land where the products are grown must not have had any prohibited substances applied to it for at least 3 years before the harvest of an organic crop. Synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, irradiation, and genetic engineering may not be used.
  • No harmful pesticides: Crop pests, weeds, and diseases are controlled primarily through physical, mechanical and biological efforts. If for some reason these methods are not working, a biological, botanical or synthetic substance that is approved on the National List may be used.
  • All organic, all the way: Operations must use only organic seeds and other planting material.

When you purchase a certified organic product, you are also helping to conserve biodiversity, ensuring that our natural landscapes and their ecosystems are maintained and intact for generations to come.


All of our essential oils go through rigorous independent third-party testing. These GC-MS test reports, which provide in-depth information on the chemical constituents in each oil, can be found on our website. They show you exactly what’s in the oils you buy.


Plant Therapy has been awarded the certificate of compliance by the Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) under ISO 22716. In other words, everything from our ingredients to the production process to packaging and labeling meets the highest standards.

Leaping Bunny logo


Our four-legged friends are part of the family! And so we have never and will never test any of our products on animals and use only cruelty-free ingredients. We are excited to have the Leaping Bunny Certification, one of the most difficult certifications a company can achieve.

Plant Therapy is cruelty-free, and Leaping Bunny certified!

Leaping Bunny certification is one of the most difficult certifications a company can achieve, but here at Plant Therapy, we’re dedicated to making products that are safe, natural, and good for everyone, even animals.

  • CRUELTY-FREE: In addition to being 100% pure, our essential oils are never tested on animals.
  • ONLY CRUELTY-FREE INGREDIENTS: The Leaping Bunny logo means that none of the ingredients used in any of our products has been tested on animals. Not now, not in the past, and definitely not in the future.
  • AN INDUSTRY STANDARD: The Leaping Bunny program offers the only standard that guarantees a product is free of animal testing. This standard is designed to prevent future animal testing as well.
  • INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNIZED: The Leaping Bunny Standard is internationally recognized, formed from the nation’s largest animal protection groups, and is partners with animal protection groups in the United States, Canada, and Europe as well.
EPA Green Power Partner


Committed to caring for the planet in more ways than one, we are proud to be an EPA Green Power Partner. We purchased Renewable Energy Certificates to match 100% of our electricity use in 2018. These certificates help fund renewable energy installations in Idaho.


Part of being a people-first company means that we give back to our local communities and around the world. Our strong desire to give back is why we’ve created Planting Kindness, a philanthropy program committed to making the world a better place.

Australia Wildfires
As bushfires ravaged most of Australia, doing irreparable damage to homes and ecosystems alike, we worked together with our customers to raise $17,000 for the Australian Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund.

COVID-19 Relief
Healthcare workers are on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic. To show our appreciation for the work they do, Plant Therapy sent 300 Germ Destroyers 10 mLs, 100 Immune Aid Roll-Ons, and 100 Pineapple Lip balms to 4 different hospitals in California, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, and another 400 products to two hospitals in New York.

Africa Heartwood Project
In 2004, Plant Therapy joined forces with the Africa Heartwood Project in an effort to help rural communities in West Africa who were in desperate need of clean water. This project doesn’t stop at installing well in rural villages. It also trains the local communities to maintain and service their well so they have clean water for years to come.

At Heaven’s Dew, we are pleased to work with a company that puts so much thought and energy into creating a safe and happy work environment for their employees while they create safe and effective products for you, our customers!  We appreciate their care for the earth and farm workers and are happy to offer these amazing products in our store!

Plant Therapy organic peppermint oil diluted with jojoba carrier oil works great in a roller bottle to smooth on for headaches.

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