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Dew Good with Rock Creek Soaps

Heaven’s Dew Agriculture and Healthy Home is  happy to introduce Rock Creek Soaps, our newest Dew Good featured company!

What do they Dew Good?

Rock Creek Soaps for Her Program is an extension of their partnership with Her Campaign, a non-profit organization and safe home for survivors of trafficking and abuse. They have crafted a collection of soaps stamped with the Her Campaign “leaf logo” to bring awareness to their joint mission of hope and healing to survivors of trafficking. When you buy any Rock Creek Soap, and specifically the “leaf logo” soaps, you are helping further this mission – they donate 20% of the sale of these specialty soaps directly to the programs supporting survivors.

Rock Creek Soaps are committed to making an impact on women who need and are ready for a fresh start.  With their partnership with Her Campaign, they provide work retraining, volunteer hours, and a resume reference for someone who is still knee deep in their healing journey. Giving people purpose is an important part of healing. So instead of just sharing their proceeds, they give their time, emotions and energy to help. 

    Heaven’s Dew Healthy Home currently stocks the following Her Campaign specialty soaps!

Hope blooms with a lush scent of fresh summer peaches and refreshing lavender essential oil. It will brighten any mood and lift your spirits! 

Courage is evergreen, balsam with pine and cedar wood. Softened with summer berries, black plums and figs.

HER Campaign

HER Campaign, located in Billings, Montana, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that exists to help HER heal, grow, and find purpose. They provide residential programs for women survivors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. “Our vision is to see a world where families and communities everywhere are trained and equipped to be a safe place for survivors.”

The HER Campaign logo, seen on the specialty soaps made by Rock Creek Soaps, represents the leaf of a sycamore tree found in the ancient Middle East. The sycamore tree was considered sacred and was used for many things including a place of refuge. The highways were lined with these huge trees, providing a shelter and shade for weary travelers. In times of emergency, people would take refuge in the trunks of the mighty sycamore trees. They were a symbol of refuge and protection in ancient Israel and were admired with great care.

There are seven lines in the leaf that represent the number of completion. The HER Campaign serves to break the bonds of slavery and provide healing and restoration for women who have suffered trauma. We base our healing around the belief that God is our ultimate refuge and strength, a helper who is always found in times of trouble. 

The small section on the left (filled in with gold) represents the percentage of survivors that have recovered after a life of sexual exploitation and trafficking. The rest of the leaf is transparent to remind us to keep fighting for the vast majority who are still enslaved in our world today.

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A little more about Rock Creek Soaps

The following is a note from Rock Creek Soaps owners about their soap business.

Hello!  We are Rachael Brower and Jennifer Dillabaugh.  As owners and friends we run Rock Creek Soaps, and as a family business we are self funded and women led since our beginning in 2015. Our goal to provide employment opportunities to women looking for a fresh start, and we’d like to share a little bit more about that with you.

We want to make an impact on women who need and are ready for a fresh start. We have partnered with a local non-profit rescue home HER CAMPAIGN for trafficked and abuse survivors. We provide work retraining, volunteer hours, and a resume reference for someone who is still knee deep in their healing journey. 

Giving people purpose is an important part of healing!

We wanted to do more than just give of our proceeds, so we give our time, emotions and energy to help. We give them positive job skills, and they directly work with us on all our products, in fact if you buy any of our soaps or bath products, they likely have helped with anything from production to packaging.  

We love what we do and the ways that this business can impact the community around us.  Every product purchase helps us to bring even more good into the world, and we’re honored that you would choose to join us on that journey!

At Rock Creek Soaps, we are a women-owned, family business that believes in doing what’s good – for our customers, our community, and our environment. From our processes to our products, we’ve designed our company to care for people – body and soul. Each of our products – soaps, bath & shower tablets, balms and lotions – are handcrafted in Montana with all-natural ingredients. We guarantee that each and every product we make is sulfate- , paraben- , phthalate- and cruelty-free with packaging that is 100% recyclable and, in many cases, even compostable. As a purpose-driven company, we partner with local nonprofits to offer employment opportunities to women – including survivors of trafficking and abuse – who need a fresh start. Every product purchase helps us to bring even more good into the world, and we’re honored that you would choose to join us on that journey!

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Rock Creek Soaps Brand Values

Reading through the brand values from Rock Creek Soaps website fills us with hope here at Heaven’s Dew.  Their values are so connected to our 5 product criteria:  Natural/Holistic, Organic, Local, Plastic-free, and Mission Focus!  Here is more on their brand values from their website:

We care about the environment and the impact our products could potentially have on this beautiful world that we love to explore!  That’s why we’re careful about what materials we use, what ingredients we choose to create our products with, and what you take with you on your adventures!

Our products will always:

–  Be as natural and sustainable as possible! 

–  Have easy to read ingredient labels! –  if you ever have questions after reading our ingredient glossary please reach out, we are always happy to help!

Sulfate-Free – no harsh detergents and super chemically formulas!

Paraben-Free – we don’t use preservatives that disrupt the endocrine system.  

Phthalate-Free – any scents we use don’t have endocrine disrupting ingredients and are safe for you & your family!

No Animal Testing – our ingredients, our packaging & our product testing, no components that go into making Rock Creek Soaps products are tested on animals! (they may be tested on us… but thats because we want them to work great for you!) 

– Our Boxes – are made in the USA – Oregon to be exact, they are made with recycled materials, and they are fully recyclable and biodegradable. Why is it important that they are made in the USA? Local jobs, less freight cost, not made overseas, and not creating ocean waste.

– Our Shrink Film – made with Biolefin, fully biodegradable in your backyard compost!  

– Our Plastic Containers – are shower safe recyclable plastic, wont get soggy when you take it camping or white water rafting or anywhere wet, and when you’re done you can put in your household recycling box.  

– Family Values –  we believe family comes first, so we have a family friendly work environment, which is important for family flexibility and understanding that health, and your family is the most important thing even within your work family. 

– Helping Women – We partner with local non-profit: HER CAMPAIGN a rescue home for trafficked and abuse survivors. We choose to make a personal impact and do more than just give a percentage of our proceeds with our Work Therapy Internship for women in need. When you buy our soaps and bath products, interns may have helped with the packaging, or assisted in the making or clean up.  Over the past two years we have had 4 girls come in and intern with us for up to a year.  Each girl was at a different stage in her journey and has different abilities, skills and strengths.  We treat them with love and respect and teach them how to reintegrate into the work force. It gives them a job on their resume, a positive work environment, and creates good relationships to break cycles of addiction & hopelessness in their lives.

Additional Rock Creek items

Did we mention that we also carry Rock Creek Soaps loofahs in Warm Amber and Shower Steamers in Rejuvenate and Uplifting!

Heaven’s Dew Agriculture and Healthy Home loves Rock Creek Soaps!  We love the ingredients used in each one of their products. We love how they are sulfate-free, detergent & SLS-free, paraben free, preservative-free, phthalate-free AND they never test their products or buy ingredients tested on animals. It totally fits our mission to be natural, holistic and chemical free!  And their packaging is recyclable and biodegradable – helping us keep plastic out of the landfill. Customers love the soaps because of the great scents and the way they lather and last.  

Oh, one more thing!  Their soaps are all VEGAN.  Is this good, you ask?  If you ask Rock Creek Soaps, they would say a resounding YES! They love the consistency and amazing long shelf life of their soaps. And their soaps have the same great benefits as goats milk soap, if not more. So instead of using animal products in their soaps, they get their inspiration from animals – stop in Heaven’s Dew Healthy Home to find great smelling soaps called Wolf, Bison, Elk, Moose and Bear, along with others in their Montana-ish line up.  (If you want to know more about why we love their vegan soaps, check out their blog about it here:

Scent Glossary 

Here is information from the Scent Glossary on Rock Creek Soaps website about each of the soaps Heaven’s Dew carries in our store.  Each soap has the ability to wake up your morning or bring relaxation to your evening through the power of natural, fresh ingredients.

Bear Handcrafted in the land of grizzlies, our Bear Soap will whisk you into fields of wild huckleberries & greenery. Experience the power of a grizzly from the safety of your shower.

Bison Capture the wild. Embrace the velvety smoothness of warm amber. Wander into abundant lavender fields with the flourish of vanilla and musk.

Elk– Take in the stunning herbaceous blend of fresh-cut lavender, the gentle rustle of sage, moss, and ferns at dawn.  

Moose– Embark on an uncharted adventure. Immense evergreens, intoxicating balsams, and cedars melded together with mouthwatering, mountain-picked berries. 

Mountain Mocha– Awaken senses with Freshly roasted coffee percolating with rich, robust espresso and bittersweet chocolate, perfectly poured over decadent fresh cream.

Rejuvenate– Rejuvenate your senses with peppermint, eucalyptus, and lemon aromatherapy

Starry Night– Find tranquility with Dreamy mellow sandalwood curling around silky Tahitian Vanilla, exquisite wild currants, and tonka beans. Activated charcoal lends gentle grit and kaolin clay swirls around to smooth and satisfy.

Uplifting– Uplift your outlook with this elevating blend of rosemary, lavender, and lime.

Wanderer– Capture the wild. Embrace the velvety smoothness of warm amber. Wander into abundant lavender fields with the flourish of vanilla and musk.

Warm Amber Embrace the velvety smoothness of warm amber. Wander into abundant lavender fields with the flourish of vanilla and musk.

Wolf– Explore the wild with the complexly aromatic blend of savory teakwood, spicy warm cardamom, exotic sandalwood, and generous cedar.

Our customers who have tried Rock Creek Soaps love them too!  It is not uncommon to see customers pick up each and every bar to smell them over and over again.  How do you choose just the right scent when they all smell so good?  These soaps are great for everyday but also make very nice gifts and would be perfect for gift baskets, Father’s Day gifts, and stocking stuffers!  Which one would you pick?  Where would you like to be transported in the morning before work or in the evening before bed?  Have you already tried these soaps?  Which one is your favorite?  What do you like best about Rock Creek Soaps?  We would love to know your thoughts!

Heaven’s Dew Agriculture and Healthy Home is happy to partner with Rock Creek Soaps to bring even more good into the world. Come and check them out and help us and Rock Creek Soaps Dew Good!

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