several boxes and bars of soaps stacked on top of each other

Dew Good with Tangie!

Tangie is magical and mission-focused

Our newest Dew Good spotlight is shining directly on Tangie!  We have fallen in love with the Tangie products and philosophy and we think you will too.  Let’s start with a quick introduction.  Tangie is a cleaning and body care company with a focus on zero waste and sustainable products.  Their mission statement sort of says it all:

Tangie LLC is on a mission to make your life easier and healthier by providing sustainable, non-toxic home care and personal care products. We’re committed to using only the safest, most effective natural and plant-based ingredients in our products, so you can feel good about what you’re using in your home and your body. Plus, all our products are made in the USA with locally sourced ingredients, so you can feel good about supporting a women run American business.

We believe that small changes can make a big difference and our hope is that by providing safe, eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives we can inspire others to do the same.

several boxes and bars of soaps stacked on top of each other

Tangie offers laundry detergent concentrate, stain stick bars, dish soap bars, foaming hand wash concentrate bars, and shampoo bars for kids and pets!  All of these products are zero-waste and made with healthy and sustainable ingredients.  They come in a cardboard box – no plastic!

Heaven’s Dew Criteria

These hit almost all 5 of Heaven’s Dew Criteria – the only one they miss is “Local!”  The other 4 are Natural/Holistic, Organic/Fewer Chemicals, Plastic Free, 4 blue circles with symbols, bee for fewer chemicals, leaves for natural, hands for mission focus, and plastic bottle for less plasticand Mission-Focused.  These are the types of products that you can feel good about using in your home and with your loved ones.  One reason these products are so clean is that they don’t have preservatives in them.  Because they are concentrated bars and are not introduced to water until you bring them home and use them, they do not need preservatives to ensure their quality.  So, these are amazing products for people who have sensitivities to preservatives in skin care products – and really for everyone, because minimizing our chemical exposure wherever possible is such a good idea!

So let’s dive a little into their products next and then we will look at all of the ways that they “Dew Good” by giving back to their community.


Laundry Detergent Concentrate  box and bar of laundry soap standing beside each other

The laundry detergent bar MUST be dissolved in water first! But no real effort is required. Just drop the bar into water and let it dissolve overnight.  Use regular tap water. No hot water, no stirring or mixing required.  Each detergent bar dissolves to make ONE GALLON of liquid laundry soap giving you 128+ loads of laundry, depending on your laundry load size and stink. That is less than $0.20 per load! If you can handle dissolving sugar in water, you can make this refillable laundry liquid.

Stain Stick Baryellow box of stain remover with bar of stain remover leaning against it

This couldn’t be easier:  Simply hold the bar between your fingers and rub the stain remover directly onto the stain, launder & smile! 

Tangie Stain Remover Bar is easy and effective for spot treatment on almost all fabrics.  It can also be used on non-machinable items such as pillows, drapes, rugs, pet beds, shoes, patio furniture, and more!

Bar or Liquid – you decide:  You might prefer a liquid stain remover instead of a bar and it is possible to do with the Tangie Stain Remover. Just add water!

You never know when a stain will strike but having a Tangie Stain Remover stick handy is a great first defense! Keep your clothes looking cleaner and stain free by treating stains the moment you see it happen.  Cut the bar in small pieces. Pack a piece in your purse, bookbag, briefcase, or whatever you carry with you.
Store a piece in your desk drawer, in your locker, in your car.  No matter where the stain happens, at your dining table or halfway around the world, the stain remover piece will be ready when you are.

Dish Soap bar box of dish soap sitting on top of a wood soap dish in front of a stack of white dishes with a dishcloth beside them

Thoroughly wet your cloth, scrubber, or sponge and then rub or swirl the bar onto your cleaning tool.  Watch the lather build as you start washing your dish.  Wash your entire dish, rinse & smile.


When you need extra power for cleaning walls, floors, counters, shoes, etc. Simply wipe a cloth or scrubber on the bar, work up the lather, then scrub your dirty area. Rinse clean.

Foaming hand soap concentrate barpurple box of hand wash concentrate and bar of hand wash concentrate

The dissolved Tangie Hand Wash Concentrate makes a luxurious soap in foaming dispensers.

You must dissolve it first!

You determine the dilution ratio based on how bubbly you like your hand soap.  Simply cut the bar into pieces, drop a piece into a pint size mason jar (or your own foaming hand soap dispenser) and fill with cold water.  Wait a couple of hours for the soap to dissolve and then use the smooth foaming soap!  Need a foaming dispenser top?  We have those too!

It is that simple to make your own refillable all-natural, plastic free foaming hand soap!  No matter what dispenser you choose, you will get hand soap refills for less than $0.20 per ounce. Refilling this 8-ounce foaming dispenser will cost you less than $1.50! 

 Pack a piece for your travels and never have to use chemical filled hand soaps on your journeys. 

Store the unused portions in the paper box it arrives in until you are ready to make a liquid hand soap refill. Shelf life of 2+ years.  After 2 years the scent may not be as vibrant, but the efficacy of the dissolvable hand soap will not be diminished. 

Take a piece (or a few pieces and the dispenser) on your outdoor adventures. This all-natural hand soap refill concentrate can be used for hand washing, showers, dish washing, cleaning equipment, and more.

Kids Shampoo barhands holding circlular purple and pink shampoo bars over a tub of water

This is such a nice way to wash your child’s hair – no nasty chemicals!  To use, simply wet their hair and the shampoo bar first. Work up a lather onto hands and and set the bar down. With your hands, massage the lather into the hair, focusing on the scalp. Rinse thoroughly.

You can rub the bar directly onto the hair, but kids have a tendency to rub the bar on their head too long. This uses way more shampoo than necessary plus over rubbing too much may cause the hair to tangle. No one wants either one of those things to happen!

If you (or they) want to apply the bar directly to the hair, a few good swipes all over their head is all you need. Sit the bar down and with both hands, massage into a rich lather.  Rinse thoroughly.  Shampoo bars are so easy to use and once you get used to it, you will never want to use a plastic bottle of shampoo anymore.

Let the bar dry between uses. Like any bar of soap, if it sits in water, it will break down fast. Allowing the bar to dry when not in use will give you more washes.

Pet shampoo barbrown circular shampoo bar on the ground beside a rawhide bone

And a shampoo bar for your furry family members is perfect!  Get them clean in six easy steps:

  • Step 1: Thoroughly soak the fur with water.
  • Step 2: Rub the bar between your hands to jump start the lather process or if you need one hand to keep your furry friend in place, simply start rubbing the shampoo bar in a circular motion on their neck, belly and feet.
  • Step 3: Put the bar down and work the shampoo into their fur all over their body. More lather will appear as you massage their skin and coat.* For added comfort to hot spots and insect bites, massage those spots for a few extra minutes.
  • Step 4: Rinse thoroughly.
  • Step 5: Take a step back, and let the shaking commence!
  • Step 6: Enjoy the scent and softness of your fur baby while giving them a big ol’ hug!

Dew Good

Now, let’s check out the “Dew Good” part of Tangie. 

Less Plastic

Read about their Tangie’s fight again plastic in the skin care industry in their own words.

For years, the beauty, personal care, and household cleaning products industry have been a major contributor to single use plastic waste in the United States. Obviously, it’s happen all over the world, but as a United States based company, we focus on the reduction of waste in the areas as can have an impact.

Think how many bottles you’ve thrown away in the past 6 months from just your shower routine.

Now include the number of plastic bottles/packaging from other areas of your home for your favorite items.

The numbers can be astounding, especially as the number of individuals in the home increase.

We at Tangie address this issue head on starting at product research and development, through to packaging, warehousing and shipping, keeping a focus on solid, waterless and concentrated solutions for personal and laundry care.

Tangie concentrates and bar products are effective  alternatives to liquid and bottled cleaners. We choose compostable and recyclable packaging, natural ingredients, and shipping practices in alignment with our thoughtful products.


Saying “No” to toxic

chemicals and ingredients

Here is Tangie’s philosophy about their ingredients.

We are transparent with the ingredients we use. A complete ingredient list for each product we make and sell is listed in the Details and Ingredients section under the product name on each product listing page.

    • We only use Vegan, Plant-based Ingredients
    • No hormone disrupting ingredients
    • No parabens, chemicals, phosphates, dyes, plastic, or synthetic fragrance

Carbon Emissions

Tangie is Carbon Neutral.  They work hard to keep track of their carbon emissions and offset those.  They also have a plan in place for future carbon emission reductions.

Giving Back

Tangie supports several local agencies in their community.  Below is brief description of the ways they support those agencies.

  • RUTH HOUSEblack and white outline of a house with a heart inside

Ruth House is a transitional shelter for women in crisis who possess a strong desire to overcome their life wounds, addictions, and/or addictive behaviors. This is accomplished through a research-based, systematic program that includes Bible study, group and individual counseling, and connections with the community.We teach women how to live a healthy lifestyle under the Lordship of Christ.We help women set goals, find employment and establish a permanent residence.Ruth House was founded in March of 2006 due to the high number of women with children who struggle with various issues of addiction and are in need of guidance and help in reconstructing their lives and the lives of their families.

  • Street Team Movement’s laundry program is called (Re): Newblack and white outline of a washing machine with a heart inside

The goal of (Re): New is to provide a safe place for our clients to wash their clothes. Street Team Movement provides the location and any resources needed to perform laundry duties; our clients are required to make and keep their own appointments. Most homeless individuals either contend with dirty clothes or seek out new clothing as opposed to simply washing the clothes that they already have. In partnership with Thornton Park Coin Laundry, we are able to renew not only our client’s clothes but their hope and outlook on themselves. A fresh change of newly washed clothes should not be taken for granted.

Twice a week, an average of 212 people laundry. Which is about 424 loads of laundry. An average of $8 per person, so an average monthly total of $1,696. We have been proving laundry services since April of 2014. Year to date we have done 22,048 loads of laundry for 11,024 people. We have used an average of $20,352 in quarters to do laundry (Which comes to 1,017 pounds of quarters).

  • Forward pathsblack and white outline of a heart with large and small hand inside

For those aging out of the foster care system. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to live up to their full potential. Our focus is on our community’s homeless youths and those who are aging out of foster care.

We believe together we can create a path that leads to independence. Our vision is a supportive community that aids in acquiring housing, transportation, job skills, and other needed services that will direct them on a forward path to success. With the support of our community, these vulnerable youth will flourish, uniting voices of change around the world.

Heaven’s Dew loves the zero-waste aspect of Tangie.  It is difficult to find products that come packaged without plastic and Tangie is leading the way in this realm.  It puts a smile on our faces and warms our hearts to use a product that is free from harmful chemicals and leaves no plastic behind.  And the integrity of the company shines through in all of the ways they “Dew Good” in this world!  We can’t wait for you to try them for yourself and help to further the missin of Tangie!


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