We are so stoked!!

We have almost finished renovations of the retail store space! Here is a sneak peak inside…

Newly renovated retail space in neutral color palatte


Heaven’s Dew Healthy Home is currently under construction. Opening soon!

Next on the to do list is to shampoo the carpets and paint the front door. Yesterday I got a rich Heaven’s Dew blue paint for both sides of the ugly brown steel door and the two shutters outside facing the road. I am currently trying to heat up the door (thankfully there is a breezeway) so it can warm up to painting temperature. Unfortunately the shutters will have to wait until warmer weather.

Checkout Counter at Heaven's Dew

Shelving, product and decorating comes next – Yay! I have been researching and researching for this part. I am having so much fun reaching out to vendors and making a list of what we could stock for you. I feel like Santa Claus – making a list and checking it twice! 

Heaven’s Dew Healthy Home is excited to provide you with healthy and sustainable products for your home. Organics will be a large focus, but we will also have available naturally grown and local products, books, jewelry, soaps and much more. We are searching for products where you can understand the ingredients; less chemicals; non toxic and clean! We are searching for suppliers who have missions t

o care about your future and the future of our environment and the earth.


DO YOU KNOW OF A VENDOR THAT YOU THINK WOULD FIT OUR MISSION OR VALUES? Or of specific products that you would love to see in our store? Reply in the comment section or DM me on our Facebook page and let me know. I would love to hear your ideas.

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