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We are Heaven’s Dew Healthy Home and we are curating products daily to help you provide a healthy home for you and your loved ones! Soon we will be adding an online shop but for not, just take a look around and stop by to make purchases at our cozy little store in West Liberty, Ohio!! We can’t wait to see you!

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Refrigerator and other products at Heaven's Dew!
Tea and other products displayed at Heaven's Dew!

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Organic/Fewer Chemicals

We strive to provide products grown without synthetic chemicals. We feel that this is important for the health of our bodies, but also the health of farmworkers, and the biodiversity of the soil.

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Less Plastic

Plastic packaging can last for hundreds of years and eventually break down into micro-plastics which enter our waterways, harming the food chain of animals and therefore humans. We want to move beyond recycling and send a message to our producers that we stand behind alternatives to plastic. See more on our Terracycle page.

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Locally Sourced

Sourcing products from Ohio and surrounding states helps us keep a smaller carbon footprint and work towards reductions in the fuel costs for shipping. Supporting local producers also helps to keep the economic base of our community strong.

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We look for products with wholesome natural ingredients that encourage and
maintain overall health for the entire family along with their pets and livestock.

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Mission Focused

We are drawn to other companies and producers who use their gifts and talents to “Dew Good” in their own communities or to “Dew More”. Please see more about this on our ‘Dew Good’ page:

Dew Good!

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